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What a busy month…

It’s been hectic to say the least.

I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with my¬†head cut off (terrible joke alert), but it’s been productive.

First off, as you’ve noticed by now, we moved the blog to WordPress. I think it gives a much cleaner look to the blog, and it’s much easier to keep things organized to where you can find them. Secondly, I’m working on an opportunity to blog for somebody else on a contracting basis. Since I’ve never had to write on a specific topic other than what’s in my head before, I’ve had to stretch myself pretty far in order to produce the writing quality I expect from myself. The experience I’ve gained from runnning ACNS has proved invaluable to me in this project, and if you as my readers hadn’t chosen to support what we’re doing here, I never would have had this experience of finding out what works and what doesn’t. The fact that most of you are my personal friends doesn’t matter, your support has been awesome. I truly appreciate that.

That said, you can see we’ve trimmed down around here in the contributor department. I’ve decided to try to keep more of a consistent voice throughout the blog with some different perspectives, so as of now, Bill & Steve (formerly known as “Buck”) are gonna stick around. We might see a cameo appearance now and then from some of the other guys but for now, the 3 of us is who you’ll get. Along those same lines – you can see at the top of the page we have tabs up with biographies for the 3 of us. Bill is slacking as usual and hasn’t gotten me his, but this is just one cool perk of the new site. Hope you hate it.

There’s also some pretty sweet buttons on the right hand side that link directly to our Facebook & Twitter Pages. It took me a long time to find those buttons and get them working. In fact, I had to Google how to do it. I am extremely proud of those 2 tiny little lines of HTML linkage.

Again, thanks for your support & patience with the move. I’ll try to have something a little more humourous up tonight…maybe I can manipulate Bill into doing it for me…

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