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The Perfect Storm


How would you feel if you took the biggest meal of the year and then replicated it three times within two weeks?  If you did things right you would probably end up like me going to three separate Thanksgiving dinners.  One can only respond with some mixed emotions of jubilation, anticipation, and pure unadulterated fear.  I am inclined to think that this is like that movie the Perfect Storm where a hurricane meets two other storms to create one monstrosity of weather terror.  This is the perfect storm of food consumption.  A colossal crossroads of three separate turkey dinners with enough mashed potatoes, gravy, and calories to demolish the most experienced of eaters.  
The storm hits tomorrow as I join my friend Matt, who will be celebrating Thanksgiving with his family before he leaves for Iraq next week.  It will strike again on Thanksgiving Day as I wrestle down meal number two from the turkey master extraordinaire: my dad.  With no time to recover, I head to my cousin’s farm in the Shenandoah Mountains for the traditional family Thanksgiving, pushed back a day this year to accommodate traveling cousins.  
What does one do to embrace for such a monumental impact?  Dieting or prayerful fasting is an incorrect answer.  A stomach shrink at a time like this would prove no less than disastrous, and easily land myself in the hospital by Thanksgiving Meal #3.  The only plausible solution is to do the exact opposite in preparation, and eat excessively every single day just as a marathon trainer runs before the big race.  My body needs to be ready to consume, and it’s go time!  I can find myself a treadmill and Dr. Atkins after the fact, but for the rest of November I charge full speed ahead into the storm.    
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