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The New Business Card

Let’s face the facts: it’s 2009, people!  Business cards??  Why are we still trying to get people to remember us and give us a call by handing out a flimsy piece of paper?  In the business world the business card is responsible for all formal introductions.  We shake hands, hand over the card, and hope that this person takes the time to enter our phone number or email address into Microsoft Outlook later that day.  Then there’s the social world where we give out our business card to the cute girl at the bar we just met.  In this situation we hope that the business card says two things: 1. I do have a job and can afford to buy you this drink, and more to come, and 2. I hope that you put my number into your phone and call me later.
Whether it’s business or personal, it’s time to evolve!  With modern technology and networking tools for the business and social world, we need to get with the times and go above and beyond the out-dated, archaic business card.  The solution: the business t-shirt!
It’s all about marketing!  If I’m in a meeting full of people and hope that some big executive is going to remember my name, why not give him something of value?  A business card is only as valuable as the phone number on it.  A business t-shirt is objectively valuable for the sake of being a t-shirt, and everybody likes t-shirts:  executives, middle management, sales guys, cute girls at bars…what do they all have in common?  They like t-shirts!  It’s a fact of life.  Let’s combine some basic ideas and pump some life back into networking.
Not only will people remember me, but they will be a walking billboard for me with my contact info.  What better way to network than to advertise all of my personal info for the entire world to see?    
The next time I’m in a meeting I’m going to say, “Hi, I’m Steve.  Let me get you my t-shirt.” 

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  1. G
    December 2, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    This is a fantastic idea!

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