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Signs I’m Getting Old

1. My body hurts more.

2. I regularly awake before 3am.

3. I’m more cranky. I’ve started calling Steve a Scuzzbucket when swipes at my ankles instead of laughing as I would at a young, mischievous child.

4. I no longer have time to sit around and do nothing, which used to be one of my most cherished activities.

5. I don’t miss doing nothing.

6. I tell kids about when I was a kid and there was hardly an internet barely any cell phones and they look at me in awe.

7. There were two whole weeks in December when that which made me happiest was eating soup.

8. I go to bed when I’m tired.

9. I start planning ahead when I know I’ll be having a drink later.

10. My witty sense of humor is leaving.

11. I get excited when Antiques Roadshow is on television.

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  1. Mom
    January 7, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Ummm, you’re only 27 years old. What does that say about your dear old mom!?

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