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Friday Links!

BNET is one of my favorite websites about business. Their post 7 Ways to Build a Loyal Team showed up in my Google Reader this morning, and I figured I’d show some love. It kinda reminds me of a ground level implementation of Good to Great.

Rob Zombie is directing an episode of CSI. Whoop de do.

Doogie Howser is on Hulu now…and I can’t get enough of that awesome theme song.

Red Cross tweeted that there’s already been over $35 million dollars donated for relief efforts in Haiti. (via @danbozek)

Anytime I need to learn how to do something or need to figure out where I stand on an issue, Kige Ramsey is always there for me. This particular episode helped me immensely. Thank God for Kige.

The Pomegranates are a sweet band from Cincinnati, and you’ve probably never heard of them. Until now…

You may have heard of the Heartless Bastards. They’re kinda-sorta from Cincinnati too…and they’re awesome.

Ok, so if you have a mac, and you like stalking people on Facebook, or just want to have save all the pics that showcase your good side,  you need to check out PhotoBook. You can save any pics in a Facebook album to iPhoto & keep them all to yourself. Bwahahahaha!

24 SEASON 8!!! (Don’t call me on Sunday or Monday nights this week)

Some people are clueless. Count me in as one of the “blind religious fanatics”. I could go on a huge rant right now about how stupid people are…but I won’t. Lots of people are stupid. I’m not stupid, just weak.

How am I battling my weakness? Be A Man! This book is awesome.

If you’re really nice to me, and you give me a good reason, I might give you an invite to Google Voice. I have 2 left.

Enjoy some Emmitt Smith. Words can’t describe (no pun intended)…

Enjoy your weekend everybody. I’m gonna go to a farm & do some MAN WORK!

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