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Adventure Is Not Dead

Well, SteveD should probably be posting this instead of me, but I will pre-emptively steal his thunder and give you the breaking news of the evening.

Nearly all flights leaving our of Dulles International Airport in the DC area have been canceled. With the wedding in San Diego fast approaching, many friends in the area are left scrambling for an alternative way to get out to the West Coast before Saturday. Some are trekking to nearby airports, some are hoping to catch other flights, but some…some are crazy. And awesome. And crazy.

At this very moment, 6 or 7 friends are hastily preparing for a coast-to-coast road trip from Virginia to California – Lewis & Clark style…except in a minivan. Their trek begins tonight & ends on Friday night sometime. In an instance where most would simply give up or look for an easy path, SteveD, his beautiful bride, and others are taking action and making it happen.

Here’s to the safety of their drive, and Godspeed to them on their journey that takes them right along the border of Mexico…Let’s hope they don’t get kidnapped by Cheez-It-seeking banditos, or other…uh…bad things.

To be honest, I wish I could go with them. In reality, a 43 hour drive might kill me…or my friendships with the other people in the car. In any case, keep them in your prayers, as well as the couple getting married this weekend.


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