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A little road trip goes a long ways

Life is all about patterns and cycles.  We get trapped in them, we do something out of the ordinary to break free of the norm, and then we slowly work our way back into another pattern.  One pattern that I have a love/hate relationship with is a routine normal life.  I love my life and most of the things that come with it, but routine erodes at the very fabric of creativity with time.  A little over one week ago I was presented with an opportunity.  My flight to San Diego was cancelled and I was offered the chance to drive 45 straight hours from DC to southern California, and I said yes to that chance.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in months!

It’s crazy what happens when we open the door to spontaneity in our lives.  It instantly kicks the cogs of creativity into high gear and the world permeates with vibrant color.   For me this was as simple as spending two full days in an uncomfortable minivan with little sleep and a few good friends.  The simple result was that I felt in-love to be alive.

Does this mean we should all go rent a van and drive as far as we possibly can when we get home from work tonight?  Probably not.  Does this mean we should challenge ourselves to break free of comfort and live a little more every day?  I say yes.

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