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Monday Musings

Mondays. I’ve got a full case of them. Most days, I’ve got more than enough to keep me busy for the entire day, which makes the day go faster, but not today. You win some, you lose some.

My buddy Dan G. introduced me to “Drinking out of Cups”. There’s definitely some language in there…but if you’re not offended by that, you’ll have a wealth of awesome quotes to choose from. I had quite the Twitter party with some people last night.

I will never understand dog people. Y’all know by now that I have a cat, and I even have a blog about my cat, and that I’m weirdly attached to him somehow, even if he is mean. That said, even after I put on my objectivity pants, I can’t seem to understand why anyone would want a dog to live in their house. No offense to my friend Mike, but seriously?!

Google Buzz is pretty cool. Although it would be cooler if more people used it. It’s also easier to find people on Twitter, so I’m stickin’ with that for a while.

I can’t wait until Android 2.1 comes out for my Droid Eris. Word is, there were some OTA updates pushed out by Google late last week, but it was buggy & had the potential to wipe out all the data on the phone. Hopefully the new firmware will improve the crappy battery life a bit.

For those of you 24 fans out there, you should check out The Bauer. It’s not really anything you don’t already know if you keep up on the episodes, but it gives you another forum to discuss the show, which to people who don’t like 24 has got to be really freaking annoying. It’s like when people start talking about Survivor in front of me. I don’t really care. Survivor Fantasy Teams? Over the line.

I wish every day was casual Friday.

Putting my objectivity pants back on, I’ve realized that I lead a more interesting life than about 90% of the people I know. It doesn’t make me better, it just lets me have better stories…Now if only I could figure out how to tell stories.

Criminals are always looking for ways to outsmart the authorities. What now? Opium-soaked leaves & twigs.

Spring Training for baseball is starting to heat up. I can’t wait for baseball, but news coverage for practices doesn’t really do much for me…I can’t wait to spend multiple nights down at the ballpark this Summer…Not many things compare.

Does anyone not directly involved with Tiger Woods really believe that he owed them an apology? Sure, what he did was wrong, but he didn’t hurt me, didn’t hurt you, and didn’t hurt anyone else we know. All I know is that he’s a damn good golfer. I don’t get all the hoopla around the whole situation. Hopefully, he “gets it” and gets his priorities straight – for his sake as well as his family’s.

Elton John thinks Jesus was gay? The National Catholic Register does a good job of pointing out that “we look for God in ourselves, for reaffirmation of our already held beliefs”. I think it’s a good reminder of the fact that oftentimes our pride gets in the way of the truth – at least for me. Objectivity pants again.

::Honesty socks on::

The only Olympics coverage that I’ve seen is about 15 minutes of Curling when I was eating at Skyline Chili last week. Very unpatriotic, I know, but I can’t really get into it. That, and other than 24, I don’t watch TV.

Ok, I’m done. Later.

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