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A lesson not quite learned

Unrelated to the post.

A-1, primo, certified idiot – right here. This guy.

Anybody ever spent $100 on an Airhead? No? I guess it’s just me then. I’ve been there a few times in my life, and I knew, I just knew that it was gonna happen. One little bite on one of those deliciously vicious  things and all of the sudden I’m chewing on one of my own teeth.

That sounds absolutely disgusting, and it is. It’s reminiscent of the Simpson’s episode where Homer dreams he’s eating a bowl of “Pearlio’s” cereal, which is really just a bowl of pearls. Consequently, all of his teeth shatter in his mouth, which Homer finds hilarious. 

In any case, it amounts to $100 to get my tooth fixed for biting into an Airhead. I beg you – learn from my mistakes & stick to tapioca pudding for the rest of your lives.

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