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The Metro is not a happy place

I live in the 2nd to worst traffic congested area in the United States of America.  Las Angeles continues to dominate the #1 spot, but DC continues to rock the silver medal, and it doesn’t appear we’re going to give it up any time soon.  As an alternative to sitting in your car without moving for long durations of your life, there is the option to sit on the Metro (Washington DC subway system).  This replaces the comfort of your car with the option to sit much too close to complete strangers and conform to an entire sub-culture of society.

To characterize this sub-culture I have created a list of the three rules to follow should you find yourself on the DC Metro so that you will fit right in.

  1. Look depressed.  DO NOT SMILE.  Emotion is forbidden.
  2. Do not converse.  Strangers when you get on.  Strangers when you get off.
  3. Look annoyed at “outsiders” (aka teenagers, tourists, or other people who have the nerve to talk in loud voices)

I had the occasion on Monday to travel into DC to work with one of my clients, and found myself conforming to the three rules.  I was sitting there longing for personal space, refusing to acknowledge there was a human being sitting right next to me, and looking angrily at the group of young professional women who were talking loudly about their political jobs and thinking they were very important.   As I exited the train, this self realization hit me.  I had transformed into just another cow on the cattle car.  Moo.

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  1. Mother Hen
    February 25, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    Gee, Steve,

    We totally missed the 3 unwritten rules when we were in D.C. Lucas’s brothers were quite rowdy on the metro.

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