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Crazy Dreams

For the last two nights in a row I’ve been having epic action movie dreams.  I rarely remember my dreams, or have anything to recall that makes logical sense.  However, this weekend came along and the subconscious writers went off strike and back to work.   It was glorious, and I wish I could take a nap right now to keep it going.

On Saturday night it all started when my good friend Bryan shot and killed two people at his job, working with a team of lawyers on a big criminal case in a courthouse.  It may have been an accident or self defense, but whatever happened, Bryan went on the run like Harrison Ford from Tommy Lee Jones back in 1993.  It wasn’t long before the city streets were filled with cops trying to chase down my friend.  It was a story of friendship and loyalty, and I joined a team of four other people that set out to stall and confuse law enforcement and give Bryan a chance at escaping.  Apparently there’s no such thing as accessory to murder in my dreams, so nobody really tried to stop us…yet.  We continued to foil the cops’ efforts, but as they got closer we decided to flee the country to Mexico.  Once there, we enlisted the help of our newly-wed friends Jose and Anita who were on their honeymoon in Mexico.  However the story turned tragic when the local law enforcement discovered us.  We all split in different directions to make a run for it and things were looking good for me when I spotted my wife (also part of the Help Bryan Escape Team) get tackled by the Mexican cop who had a mean looking stache.  I ran to her aid and pried her free to escape, but he then grabbed on to me and I was trapped.  My wife screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, and I yelled back, “just run!  I’ll be ok.”  She turned to run and I was filled with sadness that I might never see her again.  As she ran out of site my alarm went off and I awoke to a relaxing Sunday morning.

Last night the entertainment in my sleep state continued as I was approached by a secret agent that threatened to harm my wife if I didn’t con my friend, Jim Wockenfuss, into revealing the secret location of some “things” they wanted.  Jim had a secret key to a secret room, and I needed to get him to take me there.  After gaining his trust Jim brought myself and a few other friends to a large office complex to show us the secret room.  Just as we were to the door a team of highly skilled assassins came in to kill us all.  It turned out the secret agent that approached me was the leader of this group, and I had taken my friends right into a horrible trap.  In an act of cowardice I gave up my own friends to get out of the situation.  This back fired and I was then being hunted down by a team of skilled assassins and the Jim Wockenfuss gang.  I’m not sure how this one ended, but maybe I’ll find out tonight.  The ending of it had a striking similarity to a 24 episode cliff hanger.  I could practically see the digital seconds blinking towards the hour’s end.

HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!  I would watch this stuff on television.  Seriously, put it in my Netflix Queue!  There was drama, death, friendship, betrayal, sacrifice, romance… these are the things stories are made of.

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