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Global Warming: Problem Solved!

According to NASA, the recent earthquake in Chile shifted the earth’s axis by about 3 inches. How they measure it, I have no idea, but let’s hope that such a gargantuan occurence doesn’t send us on a crash course with oblivion, much like our friends the dinosaurs. Maybe it solved that pesky global warming thingy that’s all the rage nowadays.

Apparently, China would like this global warming thingy to happen.

Chad Ochocinco will be on Dancing With The Stars this upcoming season. So will Erin Andrews. I’m still not going to watch. Because I am boring and I think dancing is boring unless I’ve had a few drinks, in which case I will make a complete fool of myself.

The Olympics are over. I watched about 15 minutes of curling – and that was because it was on TV when I was eating lunch at Skyline. My Twitter feed can now go back to normal.

Apparently, a bunch of people just decided to stop paying their mortgages & let the bank foreclose on their homes, even though they could still afford them. Is that ethical? The bank has collateral…

Everybody loves bacon.

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a double-decker PB & J on toast with a glass of whole milk.


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