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Office Music Arrives

Today would be a particularly craptastic excuse for a day at work with little but nothing to do, and the minutes dragging by slower than watching NASCAR.  Luckily, I’m not in sales anymore and I’m not expected to be glued to a phone from 8 to 5.  This means that I get to experience something spectacular that I’ve only heard tales of before:  Listening to music while I work!

All of you reading this with your white iPod headphones, giving your cartilage a musical rug burn, sipping your Starbucks latte, and giving me that disdainful look that says you’re so much cooler and years beyond me… let me stop you right there.  You’re not.  Sometimes I come late to the game, but it doesn’t mean I can’t jump in head first and bring it!  I’m here to amend for years of lost time where my ears have grown lazy and my soul bored with the sounds of telephones and office gossip.  No more!  Today I pledge to all of you in the ACNS community and to all the world that I am a changed man.  Today and every day hence forth I come prepared with an abundant plethora of sensational songs via iTunes, Pandora, and MySpace ready to deliver a constant flow of soul rocking melodies.


Now let’s go build ghetto boom boxes like in the picture above and spread the word.

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