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Letter From My Old Man

This morning I awoke to an email from my dad to all of his children.  He emailed us about some of his concerns, and then attached the following letter that he sent to congress.  Those of you that know me already know that my dad is my hero.  This letter just confirmed further that I’m proud to be his son.  I found these words deeply inspiring, and thought that I should share due their strong relevance to the current situation of our country…

Congressman Gerald Connolly

U. S. House of Representatives

327 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congressman Connolly,

In all of my 70 years I have never been as fearful for the fate of our nation as I have this past week after witnessing your action in Congress with the passage of the health care law and its sweeping destruction of our constitutionally protected liberties and way of life.

Both the content of the law and the manner in which it was passed fall far short of the intentions of the framers of our constitution for a limited federal government with the preservation of individual freedom and responsibility.  Just a few of many examples follow:

  • The unprecedented mandate that an individual must buy a product (health insurance), the failure of which triggers federal income tax penalties amounting to as much as 2 % of income enforced by the hiring of 16,000 new IRS agents.
  • By a vast new bureaucracy that will prescribe what insurance must cover and not cover, you will ironically allow my tax dollars to be used to take life at its beginning (abortion), and restrict funds for the extension of life at its end.
  • Intrusion on the doctor/patient relationship by penalizing doctors who refer too many patients to specialists by reducing the doctor’s Medicare reimbursement.
  • Reducing Medicare reimbursements immediately to physicians by 21 % — squeezed doctors will have to choose volume over quality of care.
  • Limitations imposed on HSA’s, Flexible Spending Accounts and Medicare Advantage will work against encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their health spending.
  • Increasing and expanding the Medicare payroll tax to investment and capital gains income, not something a payroll tax was ever intended to do.  This will hurt the very people Medicare was intended to cover – the retired and elderly.
  • The representation that the law will reduce the budget with the gimmick of counting 10 years of new taxes against only 5 years of benefits is an obvious fraud.  Any business person making similar representations would be prosecuted by the SEC and hauled before congress, but you and the President are immune from such accountability.
  • The hypocrisy of exempting yourself and your staff from the law’s requirements.
  • Buying votes through special deals and exemptions for senators and congressmen from Nebraska, Louisiana, Michigan, Connecticut, the Longshoreman’s Union, to name only a few.  Pressuring Democratic Congressmen to vote against their consciences and the will of the people they represent with threats, pork and empty promises, which the Senate Majority Leader characterizes as just normal operating procedure.
  • The federal takeover of student loans.  What do student loans have to do with health care?  Another federal takeover sneaked into the final law?

There are many less onerous and intrusive alternatives to improve the quality, coverage and cost of health care that could have been adopted instead of this law — unless the agenda is for the federal government to control our life and liberty and undertake a huge socialized transfer of wealth.

James Madison at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia said, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined.  Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.”

How far you have strayed from the intention of our founding fathers in this health care law!  How far you have strayed in your takeovers, bailouts and stimulus that have run up deficits never before seen!

I am not a radical person.  I worked my way through night law school, worked in private industry for 38 years, volunteered my time for a non-profit organization for another 9 years and have always paid my taxes, donated to numerous charities and paid my way.  I am mainstream America.  I have never attended a political rally, but I will now.  I have never displayed a political bumper sticker, but I will now.   I will stand up to your war on prosperity and freedom in America!


J. William Dalgetty

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