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ACNS Enterprise Marketing, LLC

The time has come to unveil our new project here at ACNS!

Over the past few months, SteveD & I have embarked on a new chapter in the life story of ACNS. We have been in operation for nearly a year now, and during that time, we found no sponsors for our blogging endeavors. About 4 months ago, we realized that this is America – the country founded on hard work & business savvy, so we took to the streets to make a name for ourselves.

We’ve started a new business venture that couldn’t get us more excited. You’ll notice the new blog name at the top of the page, and you’ll also start to see a different style of blogging from both of us. This new system has proven itself time & time again, so we feel confident that you will enjoy every moment you spend with us.

ACNS Enterprise Marketing is more than just a company. It’s about generating wealth through the personal connections you already have. The best part about it is that our products literally sell themselves! Our product lines are chock full of useful everyday household items that everyone you know needs.

SteveD & I are currently taking applications to add new members to our team. While this is a team venture – a business family if you will, we are looking for motivated individuals who want to join our family, but want the freedom of owning their own business. You see, in partnering with us, we’ll get you started with everything you need – from identifying the best prospects to helping with your first sales presentation. There’s absolutely no risk! With our proven system, you can make millions of dollars in the first few months. I’ll say it again: NO RISK!

Send us your resume today! We’re looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you!

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