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The Door to Opportunity is Now Open!

The decision to turn ACNS into a profitable business was not a decision that we came to lightly.  During our last board meeting, we presented a simple question: what if the service we provided could also give back monetary value to our loyal readers?  The answer was simple: ACNS Enterprise Marketing, LLC.  There is nothing but doom and gloom out there with the state of the economy, an increasingly hostile political environment, and personal debt reaching out of control numbers.

Therefore, from this day forward we’re going to stick together.  We’re going to succeed together.  We’re going to win together.

Imagine living a life where your values and your time come together.  Why spend your entire week sitting behind a boring desk, stuck in traffic for hours, and taking orders from your unpleasant boss?

ACNS has come up with the solution.  Be your own boss.  Set your own schedules.  Earn as much as you want or need to earn.  Quit surviving and start living life the way you’re supposed to.  It’s easy, and your success is our success.

Starting today I invite you to become my business partner.  Opening a restaurant or a retail store could cost you hundreds of thousands of investment capital to start.  Starting a business with ACNS Enterprise Marketing will only cost you $250.  That’s less than most plane tickets cost!

When you invest in your business we immediately invest back in you.  We’ll help you get started with lead generation and marketing materials to begin networking with the people you already know.  You’ll receive a complementary CD with a motivation talk by our own success story, Luke Carey.  We’ll even help come to your first sales presentation and do the pitch for you!

You’re probably thinking, how in the world could I ever be successful running a business when I’m just a teacher, a waitress, a landscaper, a deliveryman, or a receptionist?  This is not a business for the Ivy League MBA grads of the world.  This is a business opportunity for every American who has the motivation to succeed, and the will say Yes to opportunity.  We are that opportunity.

I challenge you right now to stop doubting yourself and start believing in possibility.  There are millions of people just like you, and together we can grow into something great.  Apply to be a member for the ACNS Enterprise Marketing team today and we’ll also include our secret business formula for free: “Baby Steps to Becoming a Millionaire.”

The sky is the limit.  Let ACNS Enterprise Marketing give you wings.

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