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Pyramid Scheme….WHAT??

Apparently our ACNS Enterprise Marketing LLC is under investigation by the government with accusations that our business is an illegal pyramid scheme.  I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds bad.  We’re going to shut down the business temporarily until we get this all sorted out.  If things get real bad we’ve decided to send Dan Bozek, our least contributing writer, to jail in our place.  Thanks, Dan.


We never really started a pyramid scheme to take your money.  But a sincere thank you to those of you that fell for it and sent us $250 to get started.  This money will go to sponsoring the Cincinnati and DC Summer Burger Tour (Burgers aren’t free these days).

April fools again!  Nobody sent us $250.  That would be CRAZY!

The best April Fools moment of my day was riding the metro yesterday afternoon coming home from work.  There was a mom and two girls sitting behind me.  There was lots of laughter which was suddenly stopped by the mom in a stern voice telling one of the girls, “Slapping someone in the face is NOT an April Fools Day joke!”

Therefore, remember not to buy into illegal pyramid schemes, and remember not to slap your mother and pass it off as a joke.  Neither one of these are good choices.

This leads to the obvious question: what is a good choice?  A good choice is to form an elite team this summer and start your very own Summer Burger Tour.  There are good burgers out there that are crying out to the heavens to be discovered and devoured.  If you’d like to go find delicious burgers in your home town please let us know and we’ll add your feedback to the coverage.  My personal goal is to see if I can find a place that beats Five Guys.  I will not be disappointed if I can’t because I’m already convinced it’s the perfect burger, but if I do find it I will jump for joy.

Traveling to the in-laws for a few days so Happy Easter everyone!

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