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Coffee Is My Morning Lover

Mmmmmm… Coffee.  40 days have come and gone, and Jesus is risen!  In addition to glorious salvation, I can drink coffee again.  I am having a wonderful day and loving life, and in addition to the incredible 80 degree, sunny weather, I owe most of my great morning to the two satisfying cups of coffee I’ve had today.  In order to express my feelings of appreciation I have selected a poem from some random person on the internet who has an art with words:

Coffee Lover

My steaming hot frothy coffee.
For you, now, I shall count the ways.
One, you pleasure my taste softly
Even though you’re as hot as blaze.

Two, you keep me up when needed,
Which is often throughout the day.
And when my mind is depleted,
You refuel me without delay.

Three, I seek, and you’re never far.
Always a cup, for me, of you.
It is no matter where you are,
I can sense where there is a brew.

Four, I adore you freshly ground.
The smell! The beans! Open and free!
Even the grinder’s psycho sound
Sings out a melody to me.

Five, how you strive to jolt me so
With just the prospects of java.
After one lava cup of joe
I could fist fight an armada.

You never taunt, you never tease,
You bring with you your perfect self.
Always eager to help my ease
And you wait for me on the shelf.

I am into you. You, my drip.
Our relationship won’t wonder.
Just five? Let’s have another sip…
Aah. Now, more comes as I ponder.

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  1. April 7, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    What a fun poem to share…thanks!

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