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I’m ignoring all of you

Not intentionally, of course. I’m a liar. My passive-agressive side is out in full force against the loyal readership of this here blog. I’m ignoring you to get something from you.

Again, I’m a liar. I think if I were to name one thing that I’m no good at, it’s passive aggressiveness. I’m too impatient to be passive agressive. If there’s something wrong, I’ll tell you…and quickly. It’s just easier that way. But I digress.

The real reason that I’m here talking to you through my sweet-@$$ MacBook Pro “chiclet keyboard” is to tell you that I’m not intentionally ignoring the gargantuan responsibilities placed upon my broad shoulders of keeping this blog updated with the freshest and best content anywhere on the interwebs. I’m a liar again. I don’t have broad shoulders. I wear shoulder pads to compensate. So what. Who cares?

No, I’ve found that paying my bills through busting my @$$ at work is probably a better use of my extremely valuable time. But as with any decision, there are consequences; this decision not only affects me, but you, dear readers as well. You may be asking yourself:

“Where will I go on the internet when I’m bored if Lucas doesn’t update his freaking blog more often?”

I say to you:

“Don’t worry about it”.

The fact is, I’m still here. And you’re still here. We’re all still here – me posting, you reading. Sometimes SteveD or Lukecarey posting, and you still reading…probably even more so. In any case, don’t let my decisions affect your loyal readership of this blog. I know it sounds like begging, but it makes me feel a lot better when I see more than 3 people reading what we have to say on a semi-regular basis. It’s now your responsibility to make me feel good. Nobody said it would be easy, but life isn’t easy. Deal with it. But don’t worry about it – I’m not going anywhere.

What a waste of internet space this post is. There’s only so much to go around given this whole global warming situation, and I’m using it all up. Sarah Palin would be proud.

Smell you laters.

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