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Burger Tour Update

The ACNS Cincinnati Burger Tour has been unofficially kicked off! (I don’t have the motivation to do it officially, so whatever), and I’ve already had 4 different burgers. Here’s my critiques:

Tickets Sports CafeCovington, KY: Horrible. This place wasn’t going to be included in the burger tour, but I’m going to include it just so I can rail on how bad that hunk of whatever-it-was they served me actually is. I ordered their signature burger with swiss cheese and a side of fries. I should have stuck with the fries and my Sam Adams. The burger was undercooked and probably made with year-old beef. Gross. The manager even told me before I ordered “I think you’ll be impressed with our new menus”. Apparently they got new menus printed up with the same items they had as the last time I was there. And I wasn’t impressed with anything.

Nicholson’sDowntown Cincinnati: The beer & scotch are the main attractions here, and that’s what I went for, but it got thrown into the burger tour as well. I was happy with the burger overall, it was your typical high-end pub burger with too much bun, but I’m ok with that. 2 beers & a burger cost me $33 though. OUCH.

Blue Ash ChiliBlue Ash: Now we’re getting to the good stuff. The burger was obviously handmade, and the bacon they used was obviously deep-fried. The bun was probably bought from the bread store down the street, and they most likely dipped the entire thing in grease before they served it to me. The bun fell apart in my hands and I was left holding a delicious beef patty in my hands. I’d do it all again. So far, it is only surpassed by:

Red Fox Grill Downtown Cincinnati: Ho-lee Craaaaaap. I’ve had Red Fox grill food before, but never the burger. I got the 2-3-4 Bacon Cheeseburger for lunch today, and I’m floored. I think it cost $5.50. It’s a double, and the patties could serve to be bigger, but the (lack of) size of the patties didn’t faze me too much, as they loaded up the burger with a ton of bacon and the perfect amount of lettuce amidst a bed of pickles. It dripped with deliciousness.

Next up on the list: Five Guys, Zips, Arthur’s, Terry’s Turf Club, Quatman’s. Some pretty heavy hitters, apparently. I’m excited. My heart valves are not.

Ok, so that was your Burger Tour update…I haven’t given you anything to waste your time with yet!

A Catholic church in the UK sold sponsorship rights to their confessional. Sick & irreverent. Catholicism is not NASCAR.

So, I played around with an iPad the other day, and I gotta admit that it’s pretty sweet. I would never use it for actual work, but I would play on that thing all day long. A really expensive toy.

I was thinking of starting a website called “People of Public Transportation”…kind of like a People of Walmart-type deal, but I just don’t have the heart. In taking the bus to work every day, I see plenty of people who would easily make the cut, but something about taking pics of others at their expense for humor’s sake just doesn’t seem right to me. Yes, I have a conscience…and it works…occasionally.

My boss took my team into his office today & told us a story. It was one of those “example” stories to illustrate a point about a given situation. This one was entitled “Put out the fire, then tell management there was a fire”. Being the new guy, I could have sworn that it was me that effed something up big time. Turns out it was another one of my team members. Thank God it wasn’t me, but the situation ended up being pretty funny…Let’s just say you should always remember to proofread your emails so you make sure you don’t omit a very important word. It could have been really bad. Yeah, an ambiguous description, I know, but I don’t feel like laying the groundwork to do it justice.

I have a softball game tonight, and it’s a low of 35 degrees. I’m not what you would call “pumped” about that.

Alright. Workday done. Blog done. Bus ride almost beginning. Late.

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  1. G
    April 30, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    I’ve been told that Gordo’s is amazing. You should see a picture of that thing!!

    Also, I assume that your goal to lower your cholesterol has been tossed out the window?

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