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Fun Friday (with Mexican food!)

Oh man, that was delicious.

“Fun Fridays” at work are a wonderful thing. Usually that means a team lunch, which also means I don’t have to pack lunch or pay for it. I had a Carne Asada Burrito today from the Mexican joint down the street, and despite their oversight in shorting us an order, I will definitely be eating there again. They made Chipotle burritos look tiny & bland. No knock on Chipotle, I love Chipotle, but wow. Just wow.

Apple bought Lala a few months back, and even though I didn’t use it very often, I used it quite a bit when searching on Google for music. Apple just shut down Lala. The world domination quest continues. I know I’m a Mac user, both at home & at work, but anyone who has seen this commercial from Apple can surely find the hypocrisy in Apple’s business strategies in recent years.

Anyone else out there use Foursquare? I’m addicted to it now. I got yelled at by a friend for checking in at too many places.

There are plenty of unspoken rules in the game of baseball, & Alex Rodriguez has absolutely zero respect for them. If you’re not a baseball fan, you won’t understand. That guy is just a jerk – on the field & off.

A Friday FAIL

It’s supposed to rain here in Cincinnati tomorrow, which means I will be busting out the grill tonight while the good weather lasts. A couple of burgers and a Hudy 14K will do me just right…

Alrighty then. That about does it for the week. Enjoy yourselves.

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