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Tuesday night tidbits

Ok, so I’ve been pretty busy during my days at work, which means I don’t have the time to update the blog-ness on company time. I’m ok with that, because despite my love for this here blog, I’d rather be busy than bored at work. Here’s some stuff.

Craigslist. The whole “Adult Services” thing is definitely wrong.  It’s a good thing they’re being investigated for providing a forum for such horrible activities. However, some things on the site are just hilarious. The internet is where all the weirdos hang out. Unabashedly.

The Bengals are about to sign Adam “Pacman” Jones. Bengals owner Mike Brown considers himself a “redeemer”…and he’s doing a damn good job of finding people to redeem. The Bengals are just asking for criticism.

There was a primary election in Cincinnati today, and I forgot to vote. I feel like an idiot. Glad that the guy I would have voted for is well ahead in the polls…I put a sign in my yard though.

My college household (kinda like a fraternity) will probably be put on Double Secret Probation (again) for little reason. Franciscan University is not going to get any donations from me in the future. Somebody put a giant stick up their @$$E$, and it’s got me more than a little upset to see my younger household Brothers being punished for no reason.

Bedtime. Enjoy some Night Ranger. You can thank me later.

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