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Seis De Mayo

I bet Cinco De Mayo wouldn’t be nearly as popular if it was a day later…Seis De Mayo just doesn’t sound very cool.

Some dude tried to sell me drugs in a bar last night. Other than that he was pretty cool. Typical Wednesday evening.

I slept in for an hour more than usual today, and it was wonderful. Best part? I made it in to work about 10 minutes later than I usually do, and that’s still 10 minutes before I’m supposed to show up. The perks of not riding the bus…

Jimmy Akin does a nice little write up on grave & mortal sin.

Is Facebook evil? Here’s 10 reasons why you should quit Facebook. I’m kinda considering it. Twitter is cooler anyway.

Speaking of Facebook, here’s 10 ways to annoy your kids.

Here’s the Times Square Bomber’s checklist. He almost made it. Good for us though.

I’m kind of a list junkie. Can you tell?

Some friends are trying to get me to run in a 5k race this Saturday. Me? Run? I don’t know if I’ve ever covered running on this blog, but what a waste of energy. “Where are you going to? Oh, you’re just running for running’s sake? I will pass.” That, and I have a bad knee. #notrunningwin

Just over 3 hours left of work today…push through it Lucas, you can do it!

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