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We’re awesome together

Good evening peeps!

You got here just in time for my weekly bloggage. Coincidentally, so did I. We’re awesome together.

I think I could spend all day on the Huffington Post Website. This photo gallery had me lol’ing by myself. Speaking of the “solo lol” as I like to call it, isn’t it kind of weird? I mean, who laughs out lout at things when they’re alone? Personally, I think it’s a little creepy, but to each his own, I guess – I mean, I’m guilty of it too, but just weird.

So, I’ve been on a Craigslist kick lately, but also on a saving money/paying off debt kick too. The 2 concepts may seem to be conflicting at first, but I’ve discovered the art of trading. My first trade? My 24 year old guitar in just OK condition for one in nearly new condition. Straight up. I’m trying to gather everything in my house to trade it for cooler stuff. Like Bill.

So, I deleted my old Facebook account & started over. This article elaborates more eloquently than I could on a big reason why I did that.

Some dude made his resume on Google Maps. Something tells me this wouldn’t work very well if you have only lived in one or two different cities.

Speaking of lol’ing by myself, this does the trick every time.

So the Super Bowl will be in New York City in 2014. It’s always been in warm-weather climates or domed stadiums before, but this time it will be subjected to the wrath of Mother Nature. I’m excited at the possibility, some people aren’t so psyched.

Short post. The opportunity to fall asleep in the air conditioning with the fan on in my room is too tempting. Laters.

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  1. maria
    May 27, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    I was so relieved to come on here and not have Hitler staring at me and then I read the caption on the video.

  2. Brian
    June 3, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    I lol’d at that video that makes you lol. LOL.

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