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A conversation with SteveD

Some days, your job just sucks.

Last night, I played softball for the first time since I injured my back. It was a good feeling to do something active again, but the rust showed through. I need to be like Jim Rome‘s “Softball Guy” and get back in the cages so I can get back to mashing again.

That’s not my point though. The point was that I spent some time with a former coworker who is a teammate on the aforementioned softball team. He’s a great guy, and one of the nicest, most hard working people I’ve ever met. The problem is, he’s getting screwed at work. He still hasn’t gotten his commission check for LAST YEAR! I told him he needs to find a new job. That place is nothing but broken promises & deflected responsibility.

I got started going down this path last night in hearing about all the goings-on of my prior workplace, and continued the discussion with SteveD this morning. He noted that I haven’t gone on my (previously) usual weekly rants about the injustices occurring almost constantly at my last workplace, and there’s a reason for that. SteveD related finding a good job to being in a good dating relationship. Here’s what he says (forgive the bad grammar…this is via chat :P):

“When you’re in a bad relationship you constantly complain about it, but then you talk about how it’s not so bad and you need to work on it and hang in there and do your best.

Then you finally call it quits and get into a great relationship, and you realize you don’t have to be in a relationship that means you will be unhappy 50-90% of the time. It’s ok to find a relationship that will be awesome 99% of the time.”
I don’t think I could have said it any better myself. I haven’t complained about my job in the 2 1/2 months I’ve worked here. Needless to say, it wasn’t the lack of money that made me unhappy at my last job, but the lack of respect for people. I think there’s something to be said for perseverance in life, especially in tough situations, but there is a time where no matter how hard you try, your life outside of work starts to suffer. Speaking from my own personal experience, a change in atmosphere can work wonders for your own individual happiness. I’m not saying that a job can fulfill someone completely; obviously as a Catholic Christian I believe that absolute happiness only comes from union with God & his absolute plan. But in a daily work situation, it’s much easier to focus on union with God when you remove yourself from the consistently negative atmosphere of a broken workplace.
My point in all of this is to encourage those of you who can’t stand going to work on a daily basis. There are always bumps in the road & bad days, but there’s something better out there, and you just have to go for it. Don’t settle!
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  1. SteveD
    June 18, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    For the record, I compare almost everything in life to dating. Jobs, bands, you name it..

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