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What the heck was up with that touchdown Jesus thing?  Was God mad?  Was Jesus mad?   I’ll be honest, I hope in 2100 years there is a statue of this on a major national highway.  But let’s be honest.  I think this is a sign that the anti-christ is coming.  I’ll feed you baby birds.  1) The Bengals had a decent draft.  2) THE REDS ARE STILL IN CONTENTION FOR FIRST PLACE!!!!!! Holy Cow.  I used to be a big, big baseball kid.  In weight and enthusiasm.  Then the strike happened.  I lost a lot of faith.  Not sure why.  I can name every player on the reds 1990 World Series team.  I idolized this man.  I had a poster of the Nasty Boys for years. But after the strike, something happened.  I still love the game.  It’s just been hard to get into Reds baseball because they have been well…..average.  Not like Bengals crappy where it’s so bad, your despair seems to carries you through it all.  Just lukewarm.  Not good.  But not terrible. Anyways, I’m back on the bandwagon.  Call me fair-weather.  You might be right  I see it more like a prodigal son kind of thing.

Wait weren’t we talking about touchdown Jesus and the coming Apocalypse?   This is why my students love me.  So last week I was on vacation.  I just received a promotion.  Wich is why I have been so busy and have been neglecting you all.  My humble apologies.  SO last week, I’m at my mom’s in Phoenix.  I wake up. Check my Twitter, like a good twentysomething male.  And I see this.  Instantly, I knew it was the beginning of the end.  Why?  Because there is no way, in a sane world, touchdown Jesus burns down, and maybe five hundreds yards away, this thing still stands.  (If you’re from Dayton and went to Kings Island during your  youth, hopefully you get this)

While I’m at it:  HOW FREAKING AMAZING WAS JUNE 23 IN TERMS OF SPORTS?!!  The Reds won.  People were actually talking about soccer.  Like for real.   And that amazing tennis match.  Truly a unique day.

Also check out a band called Straight White Lines.  They’re pretty sweet.

Till next time…

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