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The Friday Wall

There’s this little thing that I like to call “The Friday Wall”. And it done got hitted. It done got hitted HARD. I microwaved a taco for lunch today. Hooray.

There’s only a few things to do when the Friday wall gets hit. First would be to find a new favorite website. I did that. Second would be find a way to sneak a little Bailey’s Irish Cream into your iced coffee. Did that too. Not my fault that they keep alcohol on hand here at work. That’s what Fridays are for, right?

52 minutes never seemed longer than it does right now. It’s 4:08 pm & I’m dying.

Does anybody know of any place that I could get last minute plane tickets for really cheap to somewhere? I don’t have any specific place in mind, but I think it would be cool to just buy a plane ticket to somewhere & go there for a weekend as a last-minute spontaneous trip. Doesn’t matter where, just something different from here.

I wonder what the flip-flop policy is here at work. The dress code here is pretty relaxed – I can wear t-shirts & shorts on a daily basis (unless a client is coming in, which never happens), and the ladies in my office wear flip-flops all the time. It makes me wonder if I could, but I don’t know if it’s “appropriate” or not. Plus, I’m not sure if the world is ready for these puppies to bust out.

The Oatmeal nails it once again.

The Onion does it too. I lol everytime I read this one.

I hope you’re voting in the Cheaptickets.com video contest for Jim W. That’s our own Steve D starring in that commercial. I let him borrow one of my favorite shirts to shoot the commercial with, and then he stole it in pure prima-donna fashion. What a jerk. Don’t vote because Steve D is in the commercial, vote because it’s my shirt. It brought the whole production together.

Anyway, I’ve got to close up shop around here before I high-tail it to my car & the mini keg I’ve got in my fridge. I know that pic was taken in my car – but no, I was not drinking & driving. I was just pumped that I bought it.

Have a great weekend, and don’t tell me anything about Inception before I see it. If you do, I will kill you.

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