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You Thought I Fell Off Of A Cliff & Died A Horrible Bloody Death

I didn’t. You are wrong.

I could start this post by explaining myself & the fact that I haven’t posted anything in over 2 months. I could do that. I’d rather rag on SteveD & Luke for not posting anything either. I know you missed our snark. I miss our snark. I miss US.

I’ll be honest – not a lot has happened in the past 2 months to talk about. I’m always tempted to blog about my favorite sports teams: The Bengals & The Reds, but I pride myself on my sense of restraint (By the way, I had a GIANT lunch today. It was like 6 tacos & a bag of fried chips drenched in sour cream…I digress), and I will find something more interesting to say. You know, something that people actually would like to read (other than Luke & I, who have week-long Twitter conversations about the downfall of Carson Palmer as a quarterback or how Bob Bratkowski still has a job).

That said, this was one of greatest moments I’ve ever experienced in Cincinnati:

I was on Fountain Square with 150-200 of my closest Reds fan friends hoping and praying that it would be the night we knew for sure that the Reds were going to the playoffs. When Jay Bruce hit this home run to seal the deal, I think I high-fived everyone within 100 yards. A bum hugged me.

Burger Tour Update

Guess what? It’s not Summer anymore, which means my infamous Burger Tour has ended. The winner is Quatman Cafe in Norwood. It beat out the Red Fox Grill downtown, Zips in Mt. Lookout, and a vast group of others. I love the atmosphere, and that’s evidenced by the fact that I am the mayor there on Foursquare. I’m a nerd. So what, who cares?

New Favorite Beer Update

I had what is now my favorite beer last night. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. It’s nothing special except for my 2 guilty alcoholic pleasures mixed together to create a delicious flavor explosion in my mouth.

Epic Beard Update

One month deep, the compliments are rolling in. I challenged my friend to a contest to see who could grow a better beard, and so far I’m kicking the crap out of her. I don’t think she stands a chance, but that’s only because I replaced her facewash with Nair. Sucka!

I’ll see you in a couple months. Don’t get too bored.

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