Steve D.

The greatest impacts in the universe come from the smallest of things. Influential change often starts with just one person, just one event, or just one small decision. The monumental consequences of humanity find their roots in a mere moment. One of these moments was in the summer of ’83 when Steve came into being. This Steve was not a cat, and he was definitely not owned by Lucas (at least as far as we can prove from the records). Born and raised in the metropolitan area of our nation’s capital, he grew up to be a man sought after for his rather pleasant company and Solomon-like wisdom.

At 26 years and counting, Steve has already toured the country in a beat up van and a rock n’ roll band. He has defied common logic with an unnatural ability to blatantly suck at sports. He has journeyed through 74% of the States, and drank a beer with style in ten other countries around the world. He relentlessly pursued the prettiest girl in Pennsylvania and married her in the Fall of 2009. He was the top salesman of DLT Solutions in 2008 and is likely to be the top salesman of the world for 2017 if the planets align correctly, especially if Google decides to buy the rights to “Steve Earth” and upgrade their primitive software program.

Steve has decided to give back to the community in his spare time and write to the ACNS community. This is just one of the ways he gives back among other superbly good deeds such as year round Christmas Caroling to Seniors, hosting the annual putt putt golf tournament to raise money for starving kids in Milwaukee, and being a regular contributor to local pubs.

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