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Happy (belated) Birthday to Us!

May 1, 2010 2 comments

We’ve been so busy here at ACNS that we forgot our own birthday!

I first posted on April 28th, 2009, and here we are over a year later, still going strong. What started as a stupid hobby for me has become much more than that – a stupid hobby for a couple people. But seriously though, working on ACNS is one of my favorite things to do, and I truly appreciate the fact that people like SteveD & Lukecarey are willing to give up their own time and help me out quite a bit (h/t to DanB & BillE too!)

However, it’s the fact that all of you keep coming back to read what we have to say that keeps us going. Otherwise we would be sending our thoughts into internet-oblivion, where nobody cares. You readers give us a destination for our thoughts, and that’s pretty cool. I feel really sappy for having just said that. I’m crying tears of joy right now.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Happy Birthday to us.


A Recent Garfield Comic Strip…

April 25, 2010 Leave a comment

…that is eerily similar to blog-creation events that happen at my house. Freakily similar.

Signs I’m Getting Old

January 6, 2010 1 comment

1. My body hurts more.

2. I regularly awake before 3am.

3. I’m more cranky. I’ve started calling Steve a Scuzzbucket when swipes at my ankles instead of laughing as I would at a young, mischievous child.

4. I no longer have time to sit around and do nothing, which used to be one of my most cherished activities.

5. I don’t miss doing nothing.

6. I tell kids about when I was a kid and there was hardly an internet barely any cell phones and they look at me in awe.

7. There were two whole weeks in December when that which made me happiest was eating soup.

8. I go to bed when I’m tired.

9. I start planning ahead when I know I’ll be having a drink later.

10. My witty sense of humor is leaving.

11. I get excited when Antiques Roadshow is on television.

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That Can Mean More Than One Thing

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Driving by the movie theatre last evening with a few friends, I noted the title of the movie Ninja Assassin. (It may have been someone else, but it’s my post so I’ll say it was me.) I (again, maybe me, maybe not me) pointed out that the movie title could either be referring to a ninja who assassinates people, or to an assassin of ninjas.

I personally think the latter concept would be a more interesting movie. This is because of the cursed-to-Hades ninja kick the on which the modern-internet-teeny-bopper-to-young-adult-and-possibly-even-some-creepier-older-adults world has been. I’m tired of hearing about how ninjas are possibly the most awesomest thing ever (“Oh, look at my new shirt!”) and how they know everything. The popularity eventually reaches the point where The Movie comes out. Just look at the pirate fad.

Back to my original point. Be careful how you word things. I once saw a sign that read just like this:




Now, my initial thought was that I should make sure I was calm before walking into the guarded perimeter. I won’t tell you what my follow-up thought was, but the day may or may not have ended with me using my one phone call to ask Lucas to pick up The Blue Book of Grammer and Punctuation and head down to lockup.

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