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New Home!

November 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, after much deliberation and market analysis, I have decided to move the conglomeration known as ‘ACNS Enterprises, LTD’ to a different host.

We’ll just be known as ‘A Cat Named Steve’ over here again, and start to get back to our roots.

The real reason is that WordPress really just has a much better and more versatile interface than Blogger, and I’ve decided that I like it much more. You’ll still be able to read the blog on Facebook & see the Twitter links, but they’ll just all redirect here from now on.

Other than that, I don’t expect a whole lot to change. You’ll still get the same ridiculous content filled with idiotic musings and gratuitous bad grammar. Let us know what you think about our new home and how you think we can make the blog a better experience for you – after all, if we didn’t have any readers, we would probably just quit.