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Glory Awaits

February 11, 2010 1 comment

There I was, on the plane, banging away on my keyboard with a witty little paragraph or two about how the couple next to me spent the entire flight sucking face. What seemed to be the subject of the moment was quickly overshadowed by the fact that when the plane landed in Dallas, I instantly realized that my connecting flight to San Diego was about to leave. Except it wasn’t.

So now, here I am, banging away on my keyboard with a not-so-witty recant of the day’s events. I’m sitting on the floor in a long halway between baggage claims. All flights to San Diego from Dallas have been canceled, and the next available flight for me would be leaving Saturday morning. Um, no.

While most people would accept their fate or try to find alternative flights to get to their ultimate destination, I have decided that when glory presents itself, it demands a proper response. Glory, my friends, is a mere 4-5 hours in the future. This Glory comes in the form of a minivan, filled with desperate East Coast travelers who share the same ultimate goal as myself. One of those travelers happens to be SteveD. You already knew that because I posted something about it last night.

Here’s a few pics of me & my surroundings. I would describe this setting as warm, homely, and not awkward at all when the airport security people walk past me.


Snowed In

February 10, 2010 2 comments

In theory, snow days are a wonderful thing. The opportunity to sleep in, work from home or not work at all, and catch up on all possible movie watching seems pretty awesome, but that’s just in theory.

In practice, snow days are boring as hell. I’ve been home all day trying to find something productive to do – FAIL on my part.

This past Friday night, we had a good size snowstorm here in Cincinnati, and on Saturday morning, Bill & I did more than our part to be responsible neighbors through our “above the line” approach to shoveling snow. Not only did we shovel our walkways & driveways, we shoveled our neighbors’ as well (on either side), AND since we knew it would be a while until the plows came on our street, we shoveled the entire section of street in front of our house. Look at us – we are awesome.

Last night’s snow storm was quite different. Not only did the volume of snow increase, it just kept falling, so shoveling it was pointless. It’s still falling at 10pm. FML.

I guess my only real point is that most people complain about working too much. There must be something way more interesting out there, because after a day at my house doing absolutely nothing, I’m ready to pull out my leg hairs one by one with a hot dog tongs. Once that gets too boring, I’ll switch to a cheese grater to speed up the process.

Maybe one day soon we’ll have a post that doesn’t involve snow, or the thought of it. Ha.

In any case, get me back to work & out of my house because I can’t freaking stand it.

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