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February 12, 2011 1 comment

Growing up, there wasn’t much of a music scene in Cincinnati. Good bands never came here, musicians never came from here, and the culture was moving away from the downtown area and sprawling out into the suburbs. That sprawl may have made Cincinnati a “Great place to live“, but mostly bland, especially for a city with so much cultural history.

In the past couple years, I’ve seen this city transform itself from one with little cultural identity to one that embraces its roots in authentic American culture with a resurgence in local farming, the growing presence & popularity of roots music, and great beer. The past 3 weekends have been filled with fantastic live music that I’m not sure is available anywhere else so readily. Lump all these things in with a winning baseball team, the best food in the world, and my presence, and you’ve got a recipe for a good time.

I saw the Tillers last night, and I’m pretty sure they get better every time I see them



May 19, 2010 4 comments

How about my FIRST PLACE Reds?! Yes, I used a possessive pronoun there. I might share them with Luke, but not for long. Who would have thought that good pitching, solid defense, & timely hitting could make a good combination? Somebody should have told that to Reds teams of the past…oh 11 years or so.

The 9 worst beers in America. – I’ve had the first one, and boy is it gross. Think “liquid-compost-pile-combined-with-rotting-seafood-juice-under-95-degree-sun-with-95-percent-humidity-in-a-can”…A simple focus group could have solved the issue of Budweiser apparently not knowing it tasted like crap.

Steve D watching Pride & Prejudice? I never thought I’d see the day, but I guess anything’s possible when you make as horrible of a trade-off as Star Trek for it. I think everyone loses in that situation. “Beam me up, Scotty!” I would also like to point out that both Steve D & his wife vowed not to watch each other’s movie, and they both caved. Sure, maybe I deleted my account on Facebook & couldn’t decide which phone I wanted to use, but I never vowed not to use either of them…

Breaking News:

Steve D is a hypocrite! “Hey bro, I think you’ve got a 2×4 sticking out of your eye…”

Here’s a video of a guy doing something

So, Google may know what you’re thinking, but Facebook knows what you’re going to do

If you’re in Cincinnati on Friday night, come to the Southgate House. I hear there’s a sweet band playing there…Not only is there a show, they’re recording it – engineered by none other than our own DanB…He has a Twitter account too – follow him.

Back to the Reds – if you’re a baseball fan – specifically a Reds fan, I don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t be able to enjoy the past few weeks of baseball in Cincinnati. It’s the best the Reds have played for as long as I can remember, and it’s nice to be on the winning side of things for once. Sure, it may not last, but who cares? ENJOY WINNING! This isn’t New York or LA, we can’t pay for championships.

Since Luke shared some of his favorite music, I’ll share some of mine:

Butch Walker – I haven’t been to a show in over a year, so when Butch Walker came near Cincinnati, it was a perfect opportunity to go to a show…Except for the fact that nobody would go with me, so instead of going by myself (which I’m sure still would have been amazing), I ditched my already-purchased tickets & hung out with friends instead. I hope this regret doesn’t follow me the rest of my life.

Nickelback – This band is SWEET! I’ve never heard such originality come from Canada before.

Just kidding – SteveD is the one who really likes Nickelback. And Creed…I think he had a life-size poster of Scott Stapp in his room in high school…I’ll just leave you with that.