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Piano Key Necktie

February 24, 2010 1 comment

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh – It’s Steve Jobs’ birthday!  I will celebrate by doing my normal & routine things today. I hope he feels appreciated. Maybe I should send him an e-card using the stationary included in Apple Mail. I think he might like that. And maybe some cake & ice cream.

Despite what I said about people with Yahoo email addresses being labeled as techically incompentent, it looks like Yahoo is being quite proactive in changing that perception; Connect with your social network through Yahoo, while Google tries to make you completely reliant on them with things like Google Buzz.

In all reality, Apple & Google are a couple of my favorite companies, but primarily because they come out with awesome products. The more competition, the better it is for everyone though.

The Great American Beer Festival is in Denver in September, and I am planning on going. Two of my other favorite things are involved – America & beer. Does it get any better?

Is it just me, or does College Basketball not have the same appeal this year as it has in years past? Maybe it’s the fact that the hometown Cincinnati Bearcats suck & haven’t made it to the NCAA Tournament since 2005. Maybe I just got busy with other things.

If you need to learn how to shake hands, then I have probably already judged you.

This is slightly nerdy. For all you Lord of The Rings fans out there (myself included)

I just found out that my band Easter Rising will be reaching the pinnacle of the entertainment industry next month. We will be featured on a certain float sponsored by a certain popular Irish beer company (rhymes with Schplinness) in the Grand Ledge, MI St. Patrick’s day parade. This achievement has overtaken my previous high-point of playing live on the noon news in Cleveland with Friday Mourning.

I always thought it was a fashion faux pas to wear brown & black together…I’m wearing chocolate brown pants with a black belt & black shoes. I don’t think it looks bad though – maybe it’s only a faux pas if you’re wearing brown belt/shoes with black pants. That’s just crazy.

The Clap Song

I’m out of things to talk about. It must be a Wednesday.


Google Search Time

January 15, 2010 Leave a comment


1. Go to
2. Type “do you”
3. you’ll notice the last recommended search is “do you like waffles”
4. Search “do you like waffles”
5. Proceed to listen to every single Parry Gripp song available

Thank you, and have a pleasant January.



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