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Party in my pants!

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

There’s a party happening somewhere, and that somewhere happens to be my pants. On the outside, you would never guess anything out of the ordinary, but the reality is that I’m wearing my long john bottoms. Due to the recently frigid temperatures in the midwest, my hand was forced & I needed to take some sort of action. And I did.

I saw a picture yesterday of a lamb born with a human face. That’s not freaky at all. I won’t post it here, but check it out at Patrick Madrid’s blog

You should check out my band, Easter Rising. We’re considered an Irish band, but we can play anything because we’re awesome musicians & you can do anything you want with 13 people in a band. Also, if you want us to come play somewhere, let me know…ALWAYS looking for more shows. </shameless self promotion> More beer please.

I just found out that my friend has a blog. You can check it out here. He’s also on Twitter, so you can follow him here if you want to…He’s a pretty funny guy, and he better link back to ACNS. C’mon Dr. Nello! He told me that his blog was the 3rd highest ranked site on Google for search terms containing the words “Dr Nello” in them. That’s pretty good (NOT!).

Sometimes, people reach too far for storylines in the sports media world. Check out this story from The New York Times. I admit, if I was a journalist, I’d probably find stupid stuff like this to write about too. Who wants to read useful stuff anyway?

I don’t really care about Conan O’Brien. Or the fact that he’s getting screwed by NBC. Jay Leno stinks. The news stinks. A Cat Named Steve does not stink. That’s why you’re reading this…(either that, or I pressured you into reading all my useless drivel).

An oldie, but a goodie.

Here’s a picture of my idol:

Alright. My lunch break is over. Back to the grind!