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March 8, 2010 4 comments

"I love seashell things. I love things with seashells and seahorses on them like blankets and towels and little bags. I love ‘em. Seahorses forever.”

That title is misleading, because I’m in a wonderful mood this morning. Why? Because I bought new towels last night. For possibly the first time in my 26 years of existence, I have used a brand spankin’ new towel…wait – I take that back. I used a new one once without washing it first and I got all sorts of little green fuzzies all over me. I remember finding them on my body hours after the fact. Regardless, new towels just make me feel like I’m living a high-class life. Higher-class people always have newer towels.

This is a good one #Fail.

You probably already broke some part of your Lenten promise…I know I did. Let’s pick ourselves up & start feasting!

I’m a huge baseball fan. I love quantifying it through stats to figure out who is better than who & why. I also love the science of pitching mechanics; pitchers are always getting injured, better mechanics make it safer to throw a baseball (an extremely un-natural & violent motion), but this is way over my head.

Anybody ever play any of the Commander Keen games? How about the original Duke Nukem? I only just thought of them because I heard someone talking about CD-ROM’s, and it made me think of all the old games I used to play…ironically, neither of these games were on CD-ROM. Floppy disks all the way.

This week won’t be so bad – Just 4 more days of work before a run of 11 straight days of vacation…March is shaping up to be an awesome month. Mix in a few rad trips & shows with the band, and I’m staring Glory in the face again. Glorious.
So I just walked by my coworker’s desk, and realized that we’re wearing the exact same thing.  I complimented him on his sense of style & then we made lunch plans. (nohomo)

Health insurance is ridiculous. My company’s health provider tried to increase our already-expensive premiums by 44%. Thankfully, our HR guy worked some magic & came up with some solutions for all of us that are a bit better. Still, some sort of reform is needed in the system – just not that crap-tastic bill that all the suits in Washington are pushing to pass.

I didn’t watch a lick of the Oscars last night. Although I did hear that Sandra Bullock didn’t thank Michael Lewis. Michael Lewis only wrote the book The Blind Side was based on. No respect…it was a great book, btw.

If you’re a music fan, you should check out Music From Big Pink by The Band. You should also read Levon Helm’s book This Wheel’s on Fire.  It paints a pretty good picture of how the music industry used to work & what being in a band back then was like. Plus. Levon Helm is the man. It’s one of my goals to get to Woodstock, NY for one of his Midnight Rambles. Hopefully this Summer…

Ben Roethlisberger may have 2 Superbowl rings, but Carson Palmer is just a better dude. I think I’d take Carson over Big Ben just because of this.

Alright – I’m off to the tire store so they can take out the giant screw lodged in one of my tires. You keep it real.

Lent: Not what I pick out of my belly button at night

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Good ol’ Lent. Good to see you back, buddy.

I don’t know many people who share the same view as me on the liturgical season of Lent. Most view it superficially as a time where us Catholics give up something because we’re supposed to. It’s much more than that.

Lent is a time for growth and preparation. The sacrifices we make during Lent help us prepare for the celebration of Easter; This celebration is the foundation of the Catholic faith – in other words, the most important remembrance for Christians throughout the world.

I’ve got some things I’m working on, but I’m gonna keep them to myself. I plan on growing a lot this Lenten season, and we’ll see what happens. Here’s hoping that all of you have a wonderful and growth-filled season of preparation for Christ’s resurrection. God knows we need salvation from ourselves!