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I forgot to put a title here…

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Ok, ok. I’m back. Just for fun, here’s a sweet pic of a snow leopard. Fierce.

Given the fact that SteveD has posted just about once a day over the past 3 or for days, I guess it’s about time I start feeling guilty for not contributing to my own blog. If this keeps up, we’ll have to rename the place from “A Cat Named Steve” to “A Dude Named SteveD” or something to that effect.

Frankly, the reason for my absence can be attributed to the fact that I have suffered a minor traumatic brain injury, more commonly known as a concussion. The past week has been full of headaches and confusion for me, and the loss of my superior ability to focus on things has really made me take a turn for the worst. It’s really not a good excuse. I didn’t even know I had a concussion until Friday, and I worked all last week with it…so I’m pretty much a bad ass – except for the part where I don’t update my own blog.

This morning brought the first snow of the year – a whopping 3/4″ accumulated overnight, rendering the entire city of Cincinnati handicapped at the thought of driving in such horrible conditions. My usual 35 minute commute into work slowly grew into 80 minutes amid the plethora of fender benders and women drivers. I’m sure that nearly every city has their problems driving in snow, but Cincinnati has to be especially bad at it. At least we don’t suck at football this year.

Speaking of football, the UC Bearcats football team took care of some business on Saturday. By taking care of business, I mean finishing a regular season undefeated. They came within 1 second of playing for a national championship. All they needed was for the Nebraska Cornhuskers to win against the Texas Longhorns, and if not for that 1 second, they would have. UC now gets to play Tim Tebow in his final college game, and then watch Brian Kelly leave to go coach Notre Dame, thus ruining all positive developments made by the program over the past 3 years. Notre Dame sucks.

I could rant for days. I think I’m going to start a weekly complaining column,  and leave the positive stuff to SteveD & Bill. They’re much better at it anyway. Speaking of Bill, he’s been under the weather lately…I feel bad for him. You should leave a comment letting him know what he should do to feel better. I’m pretty sure he’ll try any suggestions. I’ll take pics.